Nestled in Nature's Embrace: Discover Serenity Amidst Green Hills

In the midst of a forest

Experience true serenity in the woods.

Surrounded by the woods on all four sides. This is a perfect spot for an early morning meditation session or a trek through the woods. It is also great for a calming cup of tea in the evening after a day in town or a cozy holiday with your loved ones.

Cosy Rooms

Warm and cosy rooms, decorated with wood accents to remind of the forest even when you’re indoors.

22 cosy rooms, an intimate dining experience, Ataraxia encourages you to share and spend more time with your loved ones and family

Intimate Setting

Re-connect & rejuvenate.

Home to the creative soul. Take a moment in the quiet of your room and allow your mind to navigate through uncharted territories. Find creative outlets that you thought were never possible before. Detach, take a pause, and recreate at Ataraxia.

A tangible getaway

Accessible by all means of transport:

  • Approximately 4 to 5 hours – Drive from New Delhi.
  • Less than 1 hour in flight time from New Delhi to Dehradun.
  • Approximately 40 mins to 1 hour – Drive from Dehradun Airport.
  • 8kms from Dehradun City Center (Rajpur Road).

Well-connected by rail, road and air.
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