Story & Experience

Home to the creative soul. Take a moment in the quiet of your room and allow your mind to navigate through uncharted territories.

Find creative outlets that you thought were never possible before. Detach, take a pause, and recreate at Ataraxia.

Ataraxia runs on its guest’s early morning delight as they witness the sun rise through the woods and the mountains. We strive for performance and the dream of hundred percent customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to balance all sides of the customer’s personality. While we are bold and would love to take you on an adventure through the jungles, we would also love to see you meditate your evening away, or laugh it out loud with someone dear.

Tucked in a safe yet convenient distance of 8 kms from the city centre, Ataraxia is surrounded by the serenity of the woods on all four sides. That makes it a perfect spot not just for an early morning meditation session or a trek through the jungles, but also for a calming cup of tea in the evening after a day in town or a cozy holiday with your loved ones.

Ataraxia understands that each traveller has their own unique needs. We ensure that these needs are met with our customized stays, keeping in mind the luxe, comfort and calmness of space.

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