Love Affairs Begins in Hills!

Ataraxia Resort’s truly inspiring setting offers an impressive array of outdoor venues for all wedding rituals and ceremonies. Our wedding venues are uniquely custom-made to reflect your tastes: whether you choose the rich pageantry of a traditional wedding ceremony, a western ceremony, a small anniversary, or a large wedding group with full reception, our ideal hill station wedding venue provides you all with an unforgettable experience in the hills surrounded with nature’s blessings.

Unrivaled by any wedding resort in Dehradun, our resort will seamlessly arrange your ideal wedding venue for you to have a perfect start in your happy journey. Our diverse wedding venue caters to all tastes and requirements thus, making Ataraxia one of the best resorts for weddings in Dehradun. Celebrate love with the views of the sunset and let the mountain winds bind you into a never-ending joyous story.

Be it your first marriage anniversary or your Silver Jubilee, our resort provides everything you need and more to help you create your best memory.

    Ataraxia Resort’s luxurious garden surrounded by the mountains of Dehradun and lush flora is the perfect venue for all season wedding ceremonies. A spectacular sunset over the snow capped mountains can be enjoyed from this location and will definitely add a magical touch to your special day.


    Pre Wedding

    This traditional environment venue of our resort is a culturally inspiring setting for a pre – wedding with a touch of local colours. The place is framed with mountains and is blessed with a stunning daily sunset to colour your precious celebration. Start your new journey and create unforgettable memories with the nature’s blessings in Ataraxia!